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Saturday 18th of September 2010, 22:29
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Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 12:46
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey guys :)
I used to live in california and i've just moved over here! I heard the cheerleading over here is fierce, what squads are out there that are worth going to?
I can round of flick double full and standing full!
I am a flyer and can do most stunts but my faves are hitch kick doubles im willing to traver around :)
please help!

Chloe x
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 12:52
Where are you based? There's loads of good teams around.
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from what youve said it sounds like youre level 5, in which case there is Goldstar Allgirl 5 in Scotland but im guessing youll be staying around the london area. if so there is ascension eagles coed 5.

the 2 coed level 6 teams have already held their tryouts and taken on their teams for this season
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 15:37
Hey y'all

I'm Chloes boyfriend who has just moved over with her, also looking for a new squad. I'm a base of course, can back handspring double punch double and standing double full.

Love stunting too! Can 1 arm rewind to 1 arm heel stretch (depending on how flexible the flyer is). Can also single base basket tosses...oh yeh, and wait till y'all see me dance!

Would be great to hear what squads are available and when, I'm prepared to travel but don't have my own transport. I've heard that there is some sort of bus transport arrangements set up for certain squads, something about a prison van, well it's all a bit confusing so let us know...
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 15:46
Well definitely Goldstar if you can get to Glasgow - they're the best all-girl team around and have been for ages - I also think their technique is much stronger all round than most of the higher level teams, with the exception maybe of Unity.
Unity if you're in the surrey area (or Surrey Starlets).
Ascension Eagles (have their own gym) in East London.
Aviators (have their own gym) if you're near to Leeds.
Rising Stars ifyou're near Manchester.
Lancashire Twisters (own gym) - If you're near Wigan/Preston.
Crusaders if your Bristol way!

If you're willing to drop a level or 2 but still be with a good programme:
Stars Elite if you're in the Midlands (level 3 last season, but fierce! And they train in a gym)
Herts Elite - all girl 3 last year - but very solid and entertaining!

But you'll probably want to stick around near your area, and keep to your level tbh! Good luck, and hopefully you'll find the right team for you! I'm sure everyone will be very accommodating! Check out the teams mentioned here, then definitely check out the teams in your town/county - you may just like their style!

I'm sure others will suggest a couple of other teams, but the first lot I mentioned are all at levels 5/6.
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 17:03
Well if your lucky you can get onto topstuntz. you should just about scrape in with the skills you have but dont worry, they'll have you working on a kick to add into the standing double and double one arm rewinds.
be nice to mr big matty and he may give you a ride in the funshine bus ;)
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 17:59
Try contacting Tori Hardy who is the head coach of UNIty. You and your boyfriend may be able to arrange something with their level 6 team as it is the very start of the season and they'd be silly to turn you down. They also have trials for some other teams this weekend (again I'd contact them for information) ace are also london based and have held trials but again contact their coach. Goldstar are a good all girl team but aren't competing at worlds this year and not ideal for your boyfriend! Where are you based? Best of luck. Cheerie love x
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 18:01
aec sorry!! All squads have stuff on facebook so join groups and contact that way x
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 18:57
awh thanks guys! you've all been a real help! Goldstar look pretty amazing. think i may have to check them out!

Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 19:05
I don't know who that person is...but i dont have a boyfriend! xxx
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 19:06
Are you the Chloe that came over to Nationals this year to see what the squads were like?
If so then I'm not sure you can do all the things you have said you can do. Seen as you are, no offence, more than 14 stone.
If that isn't you then I am sorry but it just seems weird there would be two chloes from cali moving over with there boyfriend.
Think the Chloe I met her last name was Wintershaw?

Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 19:12
are you calling me fat?
no thats not me.
you're obviously mistaking me for someone else Daminda.
it may be coincidental yeah, but i dont have a boyfriend thanks. :)
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 19:52
Wow, that sounds like just what I need, bit of encouragement for my double one arm rewinds, the coach must be awesome and who is this big matty, he sounds big, take it he can also rewind cupie and double up etc?
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 22:06
go for UNIty. they are the best squad in the UK. contact TORI HARDY on facebook because if you can do everything you say you can do then she would be silly to turn you down. especially since their season has only just begun!
Click to reply to this post | Wed 8th Sep 2010 - 23:01
this is fake!!!..and look at you all looking like desperate fools hunting the girl down ahahahhahahahaa......
Click to reply to this post | Thu 9th Sep 2010 - 08:39
how on earth is this fake?
where moving to Peterborough
i definately do not have a boyfriend and if I did why would he be moving with me? Im only 19! so that comments fake!
and i dont really know what the van thing is about!

Chloe x
Click to reply to this post | Thu 9th Sep 2010 - 09:36
Nathan do some work rather than 'play' on this forum!!
Click to reply to this post | Sat 18th Sep 2010 - 22:29
I would say that AV Raptors or Unity would be best for you! As Goldstar are an ok level 5 all girl squad, but they're not the best around, I've seen better. So AV, Unity or even Ascension Eagles! :)
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Thu 23rd Oct 2014, 01:30
I think as an athletic garment a cropped uniform top is absolutely fine, because it's a normal part of such an athletic event but it should be kept for competition use only. I don't think wearing them for local/community events is really acceptable unless they have a tshirt over or like someone else has suggested a tank underneath especially at 4 and 7. I don't think you can really liken a trip to the pool or beach to walking your child round in a crop top just out and about, not really appropriate. I think you'd be within your rights to raise this issue with the team coach.

We've even been to events where they've requested we wear leggings under skirts, not saying it needs to go that far but I think it was more because they were worried over people might be offended at girls dressed in not very much. Again at cheerleading competitions we all sort of expect it and you're not automatically labelled anything horrible for your attire but that's not always the case in the wider world.
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Thu 23rd Oct 2014, 01:19
I can understand both sides - in all honesty maybe the coach feels but out if you the parent have one child at one club and another at a different club. You might question where the loyalty was or whether there was another motive behind it. Obviously in this case it's all very innocent and they just want to both have their own activity but that's not always the case and I find by nature cheerleading is quite secretive. Most teams don't want other teams in their area to know what they're up to, which I know is very petty but sadly it's the truth. This won't be the first time clubs in the same area have issues with one another and it won't be the last either.

Personally it wouldn't bother me and I'd liken it to people that cheer on 2 teams - which most people generally accept if someone competes on a local team and a higher level national team.

Maybe you should try them both at the same team if you can't move past this, they might end up on different levels within the same age group anyway if the team can cater for that?
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Thu 23rd Oct 2014, 00:07
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Wed 22nd Oct 2014, 23:20
@post2 no, at bca you can only enter stunt group divisions if you also enter cheer divisions. You can't take just a stunt group. This is a new rule for this season.
In response to: Stunt Groups