Best dance teams?
Monday 4th of February 2013, 15:42
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There's a lot about stunt teams on here, the likes of UA and AV being popular topics of conversation which is cool as they are awesome!
However, we're missing out the whole other side of cheerleading which is cheer/pom dance, so I'm just curious as to which teams people rate highly for dance from any competitions! And who people think are up and coming/could end up being amazing!
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Theres so many but obviously Goldstar and RSD got world bids at ICC. CDC are amazing, ACG, JC Poms, Sharon Ann, Pink Poison, Fenix, Dazl Diamonds Minis & Seniors are good
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Spirit Star for jazz
Supremes for open
ADA and Steps for hh!

JCP rule Scottish pom tbh!
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Phoenix Flames are working hard and achieving some excellent results. Aberdeen Cheer and Dance, Brisbane School of Dance, Black Diamonds, Falkirk Fusion, Starshine - all ones to watch also!
Steps Hip Hop - Amazing - deserved both their European and Worlds bids.
SLS - some excellent choreography.
Good luck to all teams competing at Worlds/ ICU 2011.
2012 - is going to be fantastic!!!!!!
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Independance are an amazing hip hop team, as are cheer valley!!
Gemini have massively stepped up their game this year.
Red Hot Flames and Hawks, were good this year,
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Oh dear. You can't really compare the standard of dance at UKCA and ICC/FC/Scotcheer. On a different level i'm afraid!
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CDC are def amazing at dance their routine this year WOW Goldstar are great aswel at icc but think CDC could beat them this year. RSD also great.
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GOLDSTAR are by far the best, Mavericks are pretty sick too!
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to the 'Oh dear. You can't really compare the standard of dance at UKCA and ICC/FC/Scotcheer. On a different level i'm afraid!'
I think you'll find that Rising Stars and old UKCA team won at UKCA then won at ICC Northerns. So there's your theory proven wrong.
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And also pink poison who were mentioned above were beaten by thunder cheerleaders and the red hot flames at BCA bot UKCA dance teams.
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To be fair red hot flames etc would probably come last at icc. Rising stars have obviously worked hard to get to that level, their jazz was brilliant but they dont do jazz at ukca so u cant compare. Their pom was ok but didnt fit in. But u cant even start to compare the standards from ukca to icc nationals. Those teams should probably go and watch to understand what real dance is!
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CDC are the team to beat in pom dance!
But there's so many pom teams in Scottish comps- ACG (always good to watch), Sharon Ann (blown away by them this year), Phoenix flames (always have high expectations of them!), DCA (maybe a team to keep an eye on?), Jam (technicals always look good!)
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Loving @post12.!!! whoever you are! So many pom teams in Scotland that are amazing and never get the recognition even though they place consistently well!
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pom dance... is not cheerleading. it is dancing
i dont like pom dance personally, but other forms of dance that are involved at 'cheer' cometitions such as jazz and hip hop are good :)
star spirit are awesomeee
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dont think anyone called it cheerleading.... every post has referred to it pom dance as the title says best DANCE teams, so im not really sure why your pointing out its not cheerleading! but i do agree star spirit is awesomeeee!!!!
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"we're missing out the whole other side of cheerleading which is cheer/pom dance" :)
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Star spirit jazz consists of approx six girls 1 boy (sometimes) all trained at a dance school (not star spirit) star spirit pom and cheer are actually trained by star spirit coaches x
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Hi - I just wanted to reply to post no 18. As a rule we don't post on here but I wanted to clarify a few things. I am on Star Spirit Zero Gravity - our Senior Jazz team and I can assure you that all 9 of us (7 girls and 2 boys) train for several hours weekly with our coaches at Star Spirit in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary Dance. We don't actually do Pom so I'm no sure where that came from. I'm also not sure where the "not trained by Star Spirit" idea comes from as I certainly don't dance anywhere else. We do have a large and successful Dance program with Youth & Junior Jazz teams and Youth - Senior Props teams.
Thanks so much for the positive comments on this thread! We love what we do and work hard with our teams and coaches.
Lucie :)
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If Rising Stars are fit for ICC then there's no reason why Flames aren't. The Flames have beaten Rising Stars on numerous occasions, and many of the time have represented the UK in collaboration with Stars. The Flames have massively stepped up their game this year, unfortunately they competed at UKCA. I for one don't think they'd place last at ICC when they have beaten Pink Poison on many occasions (who people seem to rate very highly here) as well as competing at European and World Championships. I hope when they go to ICC and BCA International (which they are rumoured to) they prove you all wrong. They train hard and don't deserve to be shunned because of the competitions they enter. Rising Stars would get exactly the same treatment if they hadn't recently changed competitions. Don't be so snobby as to rate teams purely on where they compete, think of talent and dedication, which UKCA teams have!
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^^ agreed! Several teams at UKCA eg, STCA are amazing and have so much talent!!! But just aren't given credit because they go to UKCA
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How do you mean fit for icc? I think people just get pissed with hearing teams say they're national champs when they've competed at ukca as they've not competed against the best teams who are usually found competeing at icc fc and now jamfest I define champion as going against the best and beating them as do alot of people.
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.....and I define "champion" as going to whatever competition you see fit whether it be UKCA, BCA, Scotcheer whomever and wherever throughout the United Kingdom. Get your bid - work hard and take your team and their routine to the Worlds Stage and let the judges decide.........
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Who mentioned bids we were talking about Organisations lol hit a nerve? A true champ competes against and beats the best. If it's bids your after and you are not likely to get one at icc fc or jamfest then yeh there's nothing wrong with going to Scotcheer BCA UKCA in order to get one afterall Worlds is an amazing experience. However most cheerleaders would define a national champion as the winner of a true nationsl competition whereby the vast majority of teams compete and thaws are found at icc fc and now jamfest. It's just the way it is! Spitting your dummy out will not change that. Getting a bid for worlds is a whole other matter. At the end of the day someone asked why UKCA teams aren't given credibility and I'm answering them. If you don't want to hear it either don't ask or don't read this.
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*those *national (before the English teachers start crying)
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Yes but some teams that win at UKCA BCA etc would place higher than those that come last at ICC. Just because you compete there it doesn't mean your any good!!! Likewise just because you compete at these competitions it does not mean that you don't have talent. UKCA for one is stepping up their game so many teams are pulling it out the bag so it's unfair for them to be branded as awful simply because of the competition they go to!!
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Thing is these teams won't know where they will place until they compete there. I'm not a fan of ICC I think they make some monumental errors as we saw at the last Nationals but it's where all the big teams go so that is why we go so we can call ourselves actual national champs, I would not feel that I could do that at ukca or Bca. The Rules and lack of sprung floor at ukca is an absolute joke. From a personal
point of view Cheer is my passion not dance and we choose our comp with cheer as priority which is why we go to credible cheer comps. Are red hot flames and Thunder cheerleaders or dance schools?
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i want to reply to @post22 red hot flames are representing the uk at europeans and last year they would of placed 3rd if they went and beat teams who live and breathe cheerleading and whereass the redhot flames do it as a hobby to be honest that is a high achivemant so they do desverve titles like national championships and they didnt compete at icc as they have got a new team so there gearing up and making there new additions stronger so they can compete and place well at others.
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Thunder and flames are cheerleader, they are both community based clubs
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Cheer valley and hip hop - what????
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Cheer valley were amazing at the street cheer nationals
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29. your point is?
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@post27 asked were they dance schools.
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there not dance schools its just a club that train twice a week
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Orange Juice :)
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@post31 - hip hop dance is not street cheer lol cheer valley are nowhere near the best in hip hop sorry. I'd say Gold Star for jazz and Pom with RSD 2nd for jazz CDC 2nd for pom. ADA senior hip hop but seen a few good routines this season. X
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Gold Star are an amazing all around team. Good luck to them at Worlds 2011 with their Cheer and Jazz routines. Likewise ADA Hip Hop have set standards in the UK and have an amazing performance record at Worlds (with medals to prove it) - so good luck to them in this years Hip Hop Worlds category!
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I want to agree with @post28, the red hot flames are amazing. The placed well in Europeans and have been to worlds. they didn't do icc but that doesn't mean they're not good. I saw them at ukca and they DO deserve tose titles.
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There are lots of good teams at ukca and icc etc. alike, stop bigging yourselves up, the qualitys great at all those comps.
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agreed with @post3 :/.. Jcp DO rule scottish pom...
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i agree with @post35
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I want to see CDC compete against Goldstar. They were amazing at pom at scotcheer and RSD also. Why don't CDC compete at fc bournemouth?
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Cuz FC not allowed to go
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Won't allow CDC to go ?
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Future cheer wont allow Cdc to go???? Why not???
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I'm sure that Goldstar & CDC have competed against each other in the past at Scotcheer
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yup - and goldstar won 99% time
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the sparkles rule scottish pom, by martin berry of moodiesburn
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45: To prevent trouble....nonsense.
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personally speaking from the Brisbane School of dance, we are extremely flattered to be mentioned, especially as this year was our first time at scotcheer nationals! looking forward to finishing the season off in style roll on 2012:)
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FC don't want CDC at their comps cos they set up ACDC and don't want to upset Goldstar who bring A LOT of cheerleaders to FC.

I've seen Red Hot Flames a fair few times and would, with confidence say that they wouldn't come near the top 4 at ICC this year.
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Think RHF have a new team this year - looked much younger than usual at UKCA. Not in the same league. They used to have a great pom style with much presence but not sure about technical. Think its the end for them, they have gone down hill since they went to worlds, whenever that was
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iv managed to bite my tongue for long enough on this post regarding my team, Champion Dance and Cheer(CDC to most people), i would just like to clarify that ACDC being set up has nothing to do with why we are not welcome at FC Nationals!! We fully intended on going to FC Nationals this year but that was blocked by certain people in the cheer world! It's the spectators of FC that i feel sorry for because they are the one's really missing out!!

Champion Dance and Cheer
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Why would goldstar be upset??? Its a comp the whole part of being a cheerleader competing. Quote from Bring it on " if we want to be the best, then we have to compete against the best". Nd im sure CDC and goldstar competed against each other at icc 2010. Shame on u future cheer!!!!
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@post52 I disagree, apparently all of the old flames left due to problems within the team so the new flames are most of the more advanced juniors etc. As many people above have pointed out, they have massively stepped up their game especially in technical! Which is surprising considering they are a 'new' team. I didn't see anyone else at UKCA doing fouttes with double spins on the end. Plus they won cheer dance by 90 clear points, I think the scores do the talking! they are improving, not going downhill!
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Which of these good dance teams are based in London?
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to @post47 goldstar havent won against cdc 99% of the time ..if i remember correctly CDC beat them in both dance and cheer in 2005 and got grand champions and they never competed against them until ICC last year? unless they have and ive not seen them but as far as im aware they havent ..i think they should take it to worlds that way there is a fair judging panel and it rules out the politics with cheer organisations keeping money in their business by not upsetting their big clients! .. But as far as that post about FC I think thats a disgrace that a team isnt allowed to compete because they are a possible threat to beat a bigger team!
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I'm sure both CDC and golstar were still going to scotcheer between 2005 till about 2008 and I'm pretty confident that gold star pretty much got first in every division they were in.....slight chance I could be wrong but I remember the big rivalry between them and how CDC thought they would wipe the floor with gold star....and then didn't......not even close
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i know gstar compete at scotcheer till around 07/08 but i do know there was a year or so at that time when cdc didnt im sure it was to do with saving for american or something. only reason i know is a few came up to watch and came on our bus home
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I kno CDC has beaten Goldstar at ICC 2005 and they have beaten them at Scotcheer in some divisions not all but scores were pretty close. But I don't get why they black balled CDC through FC, and they should be ashamed of themselves And FC im totally disgusted with for going along with it, just shows you, all our smaller teams working hard nd paying fc and they don't care. Well when its Goldstar going, we will see how much they need all us other teams. Has CDC thought about seeking legal advice on this??? Im actually shocked at this in respect of this ever happening to my team, its not like you see, cheer sport, jamfest or any usa company say to a team oh sorry world cup we dont want you here as F5 are big clients to us and we don't want to loose them. If it is the case future cheer you are actually a disgrace to all cheerleaders in the uk, any team should have the right to compete wether its Goldstar, Cdc, unity or who ever
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CDC did not compete against Goldstar between 05 & I think 08 as Claire McKay did not want to compete with them & banned her athletes from talking to the CDC athletes. They then met at Scotcheer the year that Goldstar took Senior Pom to Worlds & yes they bet CDC. At the end of the day they are both very talented teams. At ICC 2010 they were in a tie for 1st place & it was decided on day two that Galaxy would win pom. I think Goldstar should compete with CDC in pom as they are competition and good competition at that? I agree I am disgusted at FC for doing this, I love @post60!! Yeahhh World Cup sorry you cannot attend our event as F5 don't want you to! Yeahhh okay!!! I would love Goldstar pom & CDC senior pom to attend worlds 2012...lets see who comes out on top...a judging pannel that knows what they are talking about & has no clue who either team is!?
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Ok this is from the gold star achievement page,



This shows they competed at scot cheer in 2006 and 2007 and I'm pretty confident CDC were there aswell. I agree that CDC have a very talented senior pom team and would be great competition but I still think gold star have the edge in terms of how the sell and perform the routine. But as an over all package gold star are far superior in cheer...they took off miles ahead of CDC and any other team years ago. Don't blame Claire for not going to scotcheer anymore....she must of got bored of having no one ( especially in cheer ) to compete against !!

I also happen to know the real reason why there are restrictions on competition entry. As I was told in private I can't disclose the details but wanted to defend gold star by saying it has nothing to do with not wanting to comptete against CDC ( they were at ICC together last year ), for anyone that knows GSC and their coach you will know theres alot more going on in the background than the other team discloses. Perhaps the other team doesn't know ??? And their coaches have kept it quiet......just wanted to step in there and say there's more to it than what appears. Anyone knows when you are in high profile teams there's ALWAYS more to it.
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I would love to see RHF compete outside of UKCA! Simply because I've not seen them in ages and would be really good to see them! Every team mentioned above has improved year after year. Unfortunately this year Rising Stars didn't quite do as well as they usually do in pom with a 9th place in senior pom and 10th in junior pom at ICC.

I've got a lot of love for CDC Black for pom, Star Spirit Zero Gravity for Jazz, and ADA Dark Angels for Hip Hop. Hope they represent well at next years Worlds!
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@post62, I love Goldstar and CDC and agree they should compete but unfortunately FC have banned. CDC due to a their big client (Goldstar) dont know why but I am totally 100% on this sorry. Future cheer get ur act together
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Right guys think we need to calm this matter down. It has turned into a CDC vs Goldstar.
First of all no one was saying CDC were better than Goldstar all that was stated was that CDC wished to compete against Goldstar at FC but were rejected the chance too.
Both teams are very well respected and behaved. Both teams have done very well for themselves and are good competition for each other.
I do feel that CDC should be given the chance to compete regardless of past records. If they win they win nd if they lose they lose.
After speaking to one of CDC's girls it does appear that FC said to them that they have a big client who does not want cdc there. When they asked goldstar? They were told well uve got the picture, which I feel is totally unfair.
This matter will prob not be known by most of Goldstars girls and is a matter FC should have handled with both team coaches not discrimination against one, I feel FC could have handled this alot better and i am disappointed in them. It shows favouritism.
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Well said @post65! I agree, both teams are very talented in the senior pom devision!

With regards to @post62, I think most of the cheer world is aware Goldstar are ahead of CDC when it comes to cheer which explains the level of devision they enter. CDC are Level 4 & Goldstar Level 5. I think if you asked any member of CDC they would agree with you.

I understand FC as a company need to make money to run an event however not allowing a team to compete at their event due to another coach not being happy about it is not acceptable in my opinion. If you want to run the largest & most sucessful cheer company then you would want a lot of squads at your event to provide a range of levels & competition in each devision.

I also heard they were told they could attend FC if they wanted (after all of the above being said) however if a complaint was made then they would be automatically disqualified. Why would a team spend all of that money to probably have a complaint made about them out of spite? In my experience CDC have always been a well behaved team.
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Im sorry but thats even more insulting, we will take your money but most likely disqualify you, totally unnaceptable Future Cheer, Get Andrea back she wouldn't accept this behaviour. Used to admire FC and was proud to compete there.
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It's because of past experience that CDC coaches were warned about their behaviour (please note I said coaches and not cheerleaders) that FC brought it up. If a coach (or part of the group that goes with them to comps) acts in an aggressive or inappropriate manner at another comp then it's no surprise that safety measures were put in place. CDC are allowed to FC nationals but it has been highlighted to them about noted behaviour from certain members of their group. It only takes one person to ruin it for a whole team........sad but true. My team has nearly been disqualified for behaviour from parents !!! So it's not always the cheerleaders can be coaches too......just something to think about x
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@post68. I seem to recall a similar situation with Scotcheer a few years back, we heard CDC were banned from competing & I think that it was something to do with coaches, but no one confirmed it, it was kept very quiet, they just disappeared for a while.
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This does not suprise me at all pretty similar experience with CDC spectators one year so agressive and rude. Obviously been dragged up lol. Ruined things fir their own team we all just thought how pathetic they were trying to intimidate with agression so sad. Really talented team too such a shame!
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I agree that they're such a talented team, some of their spectators let them down. I've noticed that the majority of them only applaud when their own team is on the floor, saw it again this year at Scotcheer. They should be applauding all teams not just their own, they also tend to stand up right through the CDC routine and block anyone else from seeing it
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Who doesn't stand up for their own team? They're definitely not the only culprits of this.
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I am a member of Champion Dance & Cheer, I am shocked at this whole conversation! We do not stand and cheer on every single team, however I would love you to inform me of a team that does! We cheer on others when available as not only do we need to get ready for our own routines but we also have a tiny team that we need to assist with costume change, hair change & any make-up! Our youngest stands at 4years old and therefore we are always busy as I'm sure you can imagine! During awards CDC, JC & the rep for RSD were applauded on our sportsmanship by the compare as we all stood on stage applauding, supporting and hugging each team, no not just when we receive first but also during hip hop & jazz awards! Also at ICC back when we were against Goldstar we applauded them on their win as they deserved it! I appreciate everybody is entitled to their opinion however I feel this particular post has got out of hand, if you felt our team was aggressive or misbehaved at any time we would appreciate it if you confronted our coach about this as she will not tolerate such behaviour. The teams that truly know CDC will stand up for us in what I have said above! Good luck for the rest of the season :)

Jennifer Greer
Champion Dance & Cheer
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I didn't suggest that your team don't support others, what I did say was that the majority of your supporters don't applaud other teams. I think CDC are a good team and I would love to have seen your performances, but unfortunately your supporters have a tendency to stand up all the way through your routines, I had the misfortune of sitting behind them at Scotcheer & couldn't see a thing. It would be nice if they only stood up at the end of the performance. I did ask them to consider others and sit down, but I was ignored. Good Luck in your future comps!
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Well said Jennifer Greer !
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Im sorry im not buying this in anyway, aggressive??? Have you met their girls??? Who mostly are coaches. They are some of the nicest girls I have ever met and could not see them be aggresive in anyway. Safety measures please this is obviously a back up for what truly happened. Just be honest to yourself and admit the truth. If they were that dangerous why did icc not have any "safety measures" lol because they know CDC are well behaved.
And because of previous in the past at fc?? In all my years of competing at Fc i have never seen CDC there? Maybe you have got mixed up. As for scotcheer they were never banned from competing. I actually can't believe im reading this. There was a team banned from scotcheer but I will not mention there name or drag them down but can assure it wasnt CDC, staffed most of scotcheer events nd never a problem with them.
Jennifer I kno your team and coach must be shocked at this. We know your team arent like that and kno u support loads of teams nd have loads of cheer fans from other teams. Like Av Nd Aec . Keep your heads held high and ignore this nonesence.
Ive heard lots of other teams that have had problems with FC recently and would not surprize me.
Best of luck to CDC at any future comps and wish u all the best xxxxxxx
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Well said Jennifer! And I would just like to add that I have had nothing but good experiences with the CDC girls and their parents. All lovely people and a fantastically talented bunch!
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Normally I wouldn't get involved in a debate like this but I have known CDC for years! Their parents and cheerleaders have been nothing but lovely to myself and my team. When we were a new cheer squad they were always helping us with stunts, spotting, lending us a spare set of poms etc etc. I don't think a competition has gone by where a CDC supporter hasn't stopped me and said hi, how are you, well done etc etc. Their parents/supporters were a huge part of Team Scotland when I was on it, making bows, sorting uniforms etc
They are an extremely talented group of cheerleaders who are genuinely nice people! Always gracious winners! At scotcheer it was tiered seating and cdc sat right infront of the pathway on day 1 so even when they (quite rightly) stood up to support their kids you would still have seen. Numerous other teams at the competition were doing the exact same, shall we call them out too???

Please do not enter into rumours, unless your Lisa from CDC or Tessa from FC you do not know what was said between them... keep your opinions on what was said to yourself!!

As Jenni said if you have a problem with a team/supporter/athlete you should approach the coach, I have alot of respect for Lisa and I know she would deal with any situation in a dignified and appropriate manner.

CDC your always a pleasure to be at competitions with, I wish you and Goldstar the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

Jennifer M
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Sorry guys but perhaps you may not have experienced the agressive nature of some CDC reps however that does not mean that other people are lying. Don't be naieve a company like fc does not ban people for nothing or because some other client doesn't like them there has to be a bloody good reason. I don't particularly care how many other teams may like you. I think your team is talented shame about your representation.
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I was one of the parents supporting Champion Dance & Cheer at Scotcheer this year & I can assure you that all the Parents/supporters stood up for each group of Champion Dance & Cheer going onto the stage & then we all sat down while clapping along to the music & then we stood back up at the end of the routine to applaude & cheer them on & then we stood & cheered when they got placed at the awards.

As @post78 has said, Champion Dance & Cheer supporters were sitting with the walkway directly behind them on Day 1 & i'm sure it was much the same on Day 2 but we were at the opposite side & therefore wasn't standing up blocking anyones view. If we happened to be blocking anyone's view & they let us know, we would certainly have moved but as I say that was not the case.

I was one of the parents that was there for the full weekend & we applauded just about every squad that was on that stage, unless we were out for a break or having a snack & even then we tried to applaud at the end of the routines & at all the awards whether Champion Dance & Cheer were involved in that division or not.

I find it very sad that it has all come down to this & I think a lot of people forget that just about each & every cheerleader has friends from other squads & they also support other teams whether they have friends in there or not.

I have always found Champion Dance & Cheer cheerleaders, coaches & parents/supporters to be one of the most friendly supportive squads & that was my opinion before my child joined Champion Dance & Cheer Allstars.
Click to reply to this post | Sat 7th May 2011 - 00:44
There not being naive even a team member Posted with there name stating, obviously have heard it from the horses mouth. Nd agree its lisa nd tessa's buisness. Nd sorry to burst ur bubble a big company will do what it takes for a big client when loosing money is envolved not fair but its life happends everyday. You will experience this once in ur life nd a post above said they were not banned they still had the option to go but one mention of anything and they would be disqualified. Plus not just CDC seem to have this problem many teams have experienced politics. The main post stated coaches not reps either? Stories keep changing. I suggest leaving these lovely girls alone. If they wanted this discussed they would be on here themselves.
Click to reply to this post | Sun 8th May 2011 - 11:27
Oh Deary me,
I WAS looking into putting my step kids into Cheerleading as I have a friend that competes for a team in Scotland and thought it looked like and excellent way for them to be introduced to different ages, make friends and maybe even develop a wee hidden talent.
In an effort to investigate what it intailed and the types of things to expect I sat with my friend and had a look round this "forum".
Needless to say any children that i am responsible for will not be introduced to this kind of poisonous environment! I have never come across such a pile of nonsense - i sincerely hope the people throwing liable comments around on this site are not actual cheerleaders.
This CDC must be good, everyone is making such a fuss can only mean that thay are threatened by CDC's talent. Maybe the complainents should be looking to better themselves in training rather than sitting on this childish "forum" making unsubstantiated claims.

This entire site is quite frankly an embarassment to your sport.

I'm going to take the kids and put one in either conrner of a boxing ring as i feel at least this way they would know what to expect and it would be a fair fight, out in the open and with clear cut rules.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves - its Cheerleading, a sport for dedicated and talented people that function as a team and compete on an open stage. Allegidly with "Sprirt" - Not the Old Firm!??

Get off the computer and in the gym where you can really make a difference.

I'l get off my soap-box now and feel free to reply in any way you like as i will certainly not be back ion this site to witness a free for all bitch-fest.
Click to reply to this post | Sun 8th May 2011 - 13:26
The old RHF team left and are now all part of a different team I'm not going to mention the name of but the team is very similar and actually with a lot of the same girls and the very good juniors as said above, but trust me they're working very hard and the team is just getting better and better, more technical. and for the post that said they're going downhill, I don't see how, and they went to worlds last year, and they have two different people in the team this year? how have they not improved?love you girls!:)
Click to reply to this post | Mon 9th May 2011 - 20:46
After reading posts above. Many teams now have just as big a squad as goldstar and to be honest cdc are a big sqaud as well bringing business to any competition they attend. I am sure FC would not ban a team, however, they must have had a good reason to warn them and I am sure it does not come lightly. For coaches or reps, whoever it may be to be accused of aggressive behaviour is not good and not behaviour anyone would want to see at a competition. If untrue, for people to mistake the behaviour of a coach or rep as being agressive is still embarrassing for their team. There must be reason behind this, this would not be because a team brings business and don't want them there. If that was the case ICC would not have been such a successful competition for both squads last year. Anyways, theory over, good luck to all for the remainder of the season.
Click to reply to this post | Tue 10th May 2011 - 22:35
CDC were only taking seniors, so maybe that wasnt enough business
Click to reply to this post | Fri 27th Jul 2012 - 19:04
it doesnt matter what competition you go to,were all cheerleaders and were not here to bi*ch were here to have spirit .
Click to reply to this post | Sun 3rd Feb 2013 - 17:52
iknow a lot of very good teams out there wether they go to a diffrent competition or not. we all try our Damn hardest and i dont see wether you can judge who is good by the standard of what competition the team goes to, also its sometimes down to the coach on wether the team is ready/the coach decides to move onto another competition.
Click to reply to this post | Sun 3rd Feb 2013 - 22:52
I'm on both a team that competes at ukca and a team that competes at icc. The love of the sport is exactly the same in both and I'm sure that's all that matters. So you all need to stop being snobs and realise that no matter what level you are at you can still love the sport with all your heart
Click to reply to this post | Mon 4th Feb 2013 - 13:59
OA!! Plus all the boys are pretty fit
Click to reply to this post | Mon 4th Feb 2013 - 15:42
Excited to see gold star & rsd this season they are usually pretty competitive
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Thu 23rd Oct 2014, 01:30
I think as an athletic garment a cropped uniform top is absolutely fine, because it's a normal part of such an athletic event but it should be kept for competition use only. I don't think wearing them for local/community events is really acceptable unless they have a tshirt over or like someone else has suggested a tank underneath especially at 4 and 7. I don't think you can really liken a trip to the pool or beach to walking your child round in a crop top just out and about, not really appropriate. I think you'd be within your rights to raise this issue with the team coach.

We've even been to events where they've requested we wear leggings under skirts, not saying it needs to go that far but I think it was more because they were worried over people might be offended at girls dressed in not very much. Again at cheerleading competitions we all sort of expect it and you're not automatically labelled anything horrible for your attire but that's not always the case in the wider world.
In response to: Children, Crop Tops and Events
Thu 23rd Oct 2014, 01:19
I can understand both sides - in all honesty maybe the coach feels but out if you the parent have one child at one club and another at a different club. You might question where the loyalty was or whether there was another motive behind it. Obviously in this case it's all very innocent and they just want to both have their own activity but that's not always the case and I find by nature cheerleading is quite secretive. Most teams don't want other teams in their area to know what they're up to, which I know is very petty but sadly it's the truth. This won't be the first time clubs in the same area have issues with one another and it won't be the last either.

Personally it wouldn't bother me and I'd liken it to people that cheer on 2 teams - which most people generally accept if someone competes on a local team and a higher level national team.

Maybe you should try them both at the same team if you can't move past this, they might end up on different levels within the same age group anyway if the team can cater for that?
In response to: Rules for Cheerleading Enrollment
Thu 23rd Oct 2014, 00:07
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In response to: BUY PASSPORTS,BUY FAKE ID CARD,BUY FAKE DRIVERS LICENSE (kimdouglas045@gmail.com
Wed 22nd Oct 2014, 23:20
@post2 no, at bca you can only enter stunt group divisions if you also enter cheer divisions. You can't take just a stunt group. This is a new rule for this season.
In response to: Stunt Groups