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Cheerleaders, tumblers, stunters, dancers & coaches, the "UK Cheerleading Forum" previously known as the old "University Cheerleading Forum" covers all aspects of UK Cheerleading.

Uni Cheer Forum, University Cheer Forum, Allstar UK Cheer Forum, Discuss Everything about University and Allstar Cheerleading. Cheerleading Competitions from Event Producers like ICC, Future Cheer FC, United Kingdom Cheerleading UKCA and British Cheerleading BCA or Allstar Cheerleading Teams like Aviator Allstars AV and Unity Allstars UA. Provides Information about Cheerleading Stunting & Partner Stunt, Tumbling, Jumps, Cheer Dance, Libs, Pyramid and Basket Toss etc. Will eventually include Cheerleading resources for Rules, Choreography, Music and Clothing.

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Monday 13th of May 2013, 14:48
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Sunday 7th of February 2016, 14:16
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Sunday 7th of February 2016, 12:16
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Sunday 7th of February 2016, 11:42
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Thursday 4th of February 2016, 23:56
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Sun 7th Feb 2016, 14:16
Any other good junior 2 teams?
In response to: Junior level 2 - ICC Southerns
Sun 7th Feb 2016, 12:16
excited to see AEC back in level 5 and ICEs all girl 5
In response to: Legacy running order? Just believe
Sun 7th Feb 2016, 11:47
Let's face it, Dave always makes unity look bad
In response to: Junior level 2 - ICC Southerns
Sun 7th Feb 2016, 11:42
I saw Basingstoke wolverines seniors (level 1) last year and they were alright; they did basic things and kept everything clean but it was a bit mish-mash-mosh and didn't feel WOW, neither was there any advanced level 1 skills
In response to: Senior squads near Basingstoke?
Sun 7th Feb 2016, 11:32
Hi there,

We are looking to hire a new part time music producer who is either experienced or willing to learn how to produce Cheer Mixes.
We are based in London, but willing to work with individuals around the country.
If you're interested in finding out more, please contact info@synergysounds.co.uk

Synergy Sounds
In response to: Job Opportunity - Cheer Music