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Cheerleaders, tumblers, stunters, dancers & coaches, the "UK Cheerleading Forum" previously known as the old "University Cheerleading Forum" covers all aspects of UK Cheerleading.

Uni Cheer Forum, University Cheer Forum, Allstar UK Cheer Forum, Discuss Everything about University and Allstar Cheerleading. Cheerleading Competitions from Event Producers like ICC, Future Cheer FC, United Kingdom Cheerleading UKCA and British Cheerleading BCA or Allstar Cheerleading Teams like Aviator Allstars AV and Unity Allstars UA. Provides Information about Cheerleading Stunting & Partner Stunt, Tumbling, Jumps, Cheer Dance, Libs, Pyramid and Basket Toss etc. Will eventually include Cheerleading resources for Rules, Choreography, Music and Clothing.

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Wed 27th May 2015, 18:35
It's ridiculous to be honest and we try to operate a three strikes system. I can see the case perhaps early in the season, months before competition if it's a one off thing that you alert coaches of before hand, but they still have the right to say no and you should respect that. For example once my friend was holding a birthday party but it was a day out to whooky hole so the parents had gone to trouble so I wanted to check but as the coach said no that was it. I'd made the commitment to come to all training and her decision was completely fine. People who don't let coaches know and just go off shopping etc. drive me up the wall! It's a team sport and it's not even always as free as things like football when you can perhaps make do practicing with one less person - if one person isn't there that's often a whole stunt group can't do their stunt! Incredibly baffling and frustrating!
In response to: Missing practice
Wed 27th May 2015, 18:29
The only bigger programme at that competition was goldstar and from personal opinion I think they deserved there wins.
In response to: Future Cheer Superhero Spirit Challenge
Wed 27th May 2015, 18:25
East London
In response to: Inferno cheer
Wed 27th May 2015, 18:20
It really annoys me!! My coach tries to arrange extra sessions to work on skills in the run up to comp and others prioritise a night out over this! They could go out after!!!! Then they moan about not winning yet they don't put in the extra hours!!! It's funny how it's the ones that think they are already good enough to miss sessions!!
In response to: Missing practice
Wed 27th May 2015, 18:13
they are not the only good senior 2 teams ...
In response to: Jamfest Europe 2015