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Mon 27th Jun 2016, 01:16
I assume the split was by size. But then it would have been more sensible to call the divisions small, medium or large :/ or just have them all in one division. There were lots of big divisions of 10-15 teams.
In response to: Jamfest Europe
Mon 27th Jun 2016, 01:11
I assume the split was done by size? But then I guess they could have had small, medium and large?
In response to: Worlds bids 2017
Sun 26th Jun 2016, 23:54
well done Casablanca - ive watched this program for a few years go from strength to strength. Everyone has to start somewhere - good job on your first level 5 routine.

The fault does not lie with Casablanca or even with the judges necessarily - it's the scoring system. No one can blame the judges for being crooked or inexperienced - you judge to the scoresheet you have in front of you. Some companies value some things over another - stunts outweigh tumbling. Difficulty outweighs execution, If Team A have full team standing fulls, punch front through to doubles, and triple jump to full, yet struggle with executing kick double baskets and don't build a single level 5 stunt in sight, they may beat Team
B at a competition from Event Provider 1 whose strengths and weaknesses are polarised. Event Provider 2 may have the teams the opposite way round in placements. It happens all the time. Overhaul of UK scoring systems please - we want unified.

Having said that, the comparison between Cov Ignite and Casablanca were too far apart to even legitimately argue the case. Even with Ignite's falls intact (and Casablanca weren't clean or hitting zero either) it was still clearly a more stellar routine, with better skills, confident athletes and better choreography. And so it should be - they started this level 5 game four seasons ago. It should have been better than Casablanca. And it was. They deserved to bid today.

The fault lies with Jamfest. Flawed scoring systems allow big mistakes like this to happen. We shouldn't have a team that practiced three times chosen to represent our country. It makes it seem juvenile and easy - and having competed at worlds myself I can tell you that it isn't. It's not a jolly holiday - it's a serious honour and our competition companies frequently fly judges over from worlds who can make direct comparisons to the teams they judge there. It has to be stopped.
In response to: Worlds bids 2017
Sun 26th Jun 2016, 23:54
@post108 it looked liked they divided them into well known programs and not so well known which is very unfair. Cant work out why they wernt all in the same division as there was only 13 or 14 teams
In response to: Jamfest Europe
Sun 26th Jun 2016, 23:31
In response to: Future Cheer Internationals Thread