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Saturday 7th of February 2015, 08:05
Event | 0 replies | 32 views
Scotcheer National Championships
Saturday 4th of April 2015, 08:00
Competition | 1 reply | 238 views
Saturday 9th of May 2015, 00:00
Competition | 0 replies | 145 views
Saturday 27th of June 2015, 00:00
Competition | 0 replies | 147 views
Exeter Cheer Festival
Saturday 17th of October 2015, 09:00
Event | 0 replies | 10 views
Wed 1st Apr 2015, 10:14
True it's a great opportunity. However if they have a run like that on the worlds floor the athletes are going to feel embaressed confidence will be knocked, and it's showing the team that you can get to worlds even if you don't deserve it. They have just gone up to level 5 right? So they haven't had enough experience or time to make them competent to compete at worlds levels! No coach would put an athlete into any other world championships in any other sport if they weren't ready! Also these are young athletes people need to consider, throwing so many tumbles with bad technique is going to cause injuries. Personally I think they should have waited till the team was up to standard. But fingers crossed it will give the coach and athletes a reality check and they will turn the routine around in the next week!
In response to: Legacy showcase
Wed 1st Apr 2015, 10:06
Any predicitons? Senior 2 is a huge category!
In response to: Bca nationals
Wed 1st Apr 2015, 10:01
Senior AG3
1. Premier
2. Supernova

Coed 3
1. Genesis
2. Elite allstars infinty
In response to: FC adventure in Atlantis
Wed 1st Apr 2015, 09:48
lol sorry for the spelling mistakes in the post and email, I was half asleep still and was exited when I saw your post!

In response to: BCA Telford Saturday Afternoon
Wed 1st Apr 2015, 09:22
I've emailed. I hope some didn't see this and email first! Thank you
In response to: BCA Telford Saturday Afternoon