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Saturday 7th of February 2015, 08:05
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Saturday 9th of May 2015, 00:00
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Saturday 27th of June 2015, 00:00
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Exeter Cheer Festival
Saturday 17th of October 2015, 09:00
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Sun 19th Apr 2015, 23:18
Im not sure how many they give out but I am pretty sure they go to the highest scoring teams across all eligible divisions. So if an all girl team places 1st they may not get a bid if multiple coed teams scored higher.
In response to: Worlds bids at bca
Sun 19th Apr 2015, 23:17
Mavericks- they train at towers school
In response to: cheerleading teams around ASHFORD
Sun 19th Apr 2015, 23:10
Also, what divison is unity Ruby in? And is black international coed 5?
In response to: Worlds Predictions!
Sun 19th Apr 2015, 23:09
small all girl: ssx
small coed: Brandon
medium all girl: cali aces?
medium coed: sot purple royalty?
large all girl: senior elite
large coed: as much as I'd like to say coed elite I'm going with tglc
International all girl: MD twisters?
International coed: gymtyme blink (not because gabi, ME and rob are on there but I've always like themost when it was black and pink)
International all girl 6: CA ladykatz?
International coed 6: PCM phoenix?

All with a question mark next to I'm not sure of as I don't follow these divisons.
In response to: Worlds Predictions!
Sun 19th Apr 2015, 22:52
Hey guys.

If everyone could please take a minute to like my new cheer team SAS Sharks On facebook that would be great!
We also have twitter and instagram both called SASSharks

In response to: SAS Sharks new Cheerleading academy